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Kids Explain Insurance Hospital Service Lines Recruitment
How do you talk about insurance without boring people to tears? Sally proposed that you'd have kids explain it for Al Torstrick Insurance Agency. The result was a Addy Gold winning radio campaign that's continues to get the client great results on a modest budget.
A large hospital system encompasses a myriad of individual service lines, serving a diverse patient population.. Each requires its own unique positioning, while reflecting the core values of the overall organization. Saint Joseph HealthCare, now Kentucky OneHealth, provided Sally with multiple opportunities to use the power of radio to compellingly promote many of their award winning services.
Attracting top talent, particularly nursing talent, can no longer be accomplished by the old traditional classified ad postings. The reality is that proactively inviting candidates to explore opportunities is the most effective approach, and radio advertising is an ideal platform to attract professional interest, even among those not currently seeking alternative employment.


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