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   When Healthcare Met Sally


Although the future of healthcare may be difficult to predict with accuracy, it is certain that the landscape has changed forever. Larger organizations continue to grow while relying on the same size marketing staff for every need for every department. Private practices who are not directly communicating to patients the benefits of the unique services that they provide will simply not be in private practice for long.

Sally wasn't seeking a healthcare focus when she founded her advertising agency in 2004, but healthcare soon found her. It began with handling the recruitment advertising for Saint Joseph Healthcare (now KentuckyOne Health, the largest hospital group in Kentucky) and working with their in-house marketing department on special events, video production and a variety of support services to assist their busy staff. It quckly evolved to providing a full spectrum of marketing and business consulting services to private practices. Insurance, not-for-profit and professional organizations are also in Sally's client portfolio.

Sally Marketing is a one-woman band, but only technically. In actual practice Sally's team is an extensive network of talented freelancers and service providers who are assembled according to each client's needs for any particular project or on-going marketing support. Clients do not pay for services they don't need, and because multiple trusted providers are used, service and pricing stay extremely competitive. Sally acts as project manager, so a client has one point of contact for access to the full array of marketing services. Additionally, Sally is president of Sisters of Invention, LLC, which is pursuing the development of a device to keep children from being inadvertently forgotten in vehicles, and is involved with Headache Management Centers, which is developing a pilot program in the Kansas City area.

A recent transplant to Kansas City from Lexington, KY, Sally is available to help you build your dream in person in either market, or virtually, from anywhere you are.

  " Superior business/recruitment/retention skills and exceeded all expectations. "

 —Scott Mobley

IT Specialist/Cardiology Consultant at GE Healthcare



Kansas City Metro:  913-871-4763

Lexington, KY:  859-361-5004